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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Weekend That was: All-Star Weekend 2011

Just a few highlights from the Weekend That was

1. Celebrity Game and Rookie-Sophomore Challenge can go.  None of the participants in R-S Challenge really that interested in playing, If you were under age 23 at All-Star Weekend for the first time, do you really want to play a meaningless game on the Friday of the NBA's party weekend which helps your career resume none? I didn't think so....and If i want to watch a watch amateur hoopers , i can go to L.A Fitness and watch a better quality game....

2. A Game of Horse Anyone?  Instead of Shooting Stars Game, good old H.O.R.S.E. I know it was tried before but instead of outside or in an airplane  hanger, put the top 5 scorers in the league in front of the big crowd with real prize money and watch them shine

3.  Skills Competition, Nice Idea But.... The NBA should remind the participants they are playing for scholarship money for a kid so a little more effort would be nice. Most of the players seemed like they had a long night out and once they messed up the first pass, it was cruise control for the rest of their turn

4.  As Magic would say, "The Dunk Contest is Back!!!"... Execution wasn't always the best but the creativity was at an all-time high, Very real case that BG32 shouldn't have made it to Finals but hey its entertainment folks. Honestly, you can invite the same four contestants back next year and no one would complain.. Here is my favorite dunk of the night and he didnt even make it to Finals

5.  Even in All-Star Game , the Heat's flaws show up..Down 4pts, what happens? LBJ passes on an open 3 to give it to Bosh who steps back and takes a 3 and misses.....West comes down misses, Bosh can't grab a rebound, west converts....Game over........and then in another funny turn, Ray Allen hits a 3 to cut game to 3 points right after that.  Note: Wade reinjures ankle, not serious looking but with Heat's lack of depth one injury to Wade or James and they are in trouble

6. But all that being said......When LBJ decides to put the hammer down, there is no one anything can do about, he was the primary reason East got back in the game. Recorded 2nd All-Star Triple Double in history. The scariest man in the league in transition. 

7.  2011 Kobe = 1998 MJ....Put biases to the side (which is impossible to do but work with me), its the same thing, easy jumper, no wasted motion, and can still can give you the flashes of the younger days when necessary....Lakers probably won't catch the Spurs for top seed but they are still dangerous as long as they have Kobe who is still capable of winning more than a few games.  Kobe, like MJ, has eased comfortably into his role as the elder statesman of the league and the younger guys hold him in great reverance. He is their Jordan

8.  Its Gotta Be the Shoes.....The amount of sweet, expensive gym shoes will be hot items online and in your stores. Nike of course ruled the roost with several splashy designs but my  Personal favorites were the Derrick Rose bright yellow Adidas
9.  and  10. ........Enjoyed everything about the Weekend as usual, NBA still puts on the best show but that being said i reserve my final oberservations for the real MVPs simply for being Easy on the Eyes.  and that would be RIHANNA'S LEGS and GWEN OSBOURNE (Kenny Smith's Wife)

(Fast Forward to  2:46)

See you in Disney World for 2012

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