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Friday, October 19, 2012

The NBA 2012-2013 Season...If you dont now, Now you know

There was No Lockout, No Back to Back to Back, and more importantly.. NO MORE JON BARRY ON ESPN!!! Welcome to the 2012-2013 NBA Season.  Let's see how it all played out!!

"When the East Is In the House....."

1.  Miami
2.  Boston
3.  Indiana
4.  Brooklyn
5.  Chicago
6.  Philadelphia
7.  New York
8.  Atlanta

All-Stars: Starters- Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Andrew Bynum, Rajon Rondo, Dwayne Wade
Reserves: Joakim Noah, Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Paul George, Greg Monroe, Kyrie Irving, Josh Smith

Get your monster.com account ready:  Scott Skiles

Don't be shocked when:  Cleveland makes a run at the 8th spot before fading late

Can't wait for:  (tie)  Jan 27,  Jesus Shuttlesworth return to Boston  but we don't think it will be this hostile

Feb 21,"The Return". And Against the Heat no less

What else happens?:  Charlotte wins more games than Orlando,  Danny Granger will not be a Pacer the entire year (neither will Monta Ellis with Milwaukee)  The Bulls will flirt with 50 wins before eventually winning 47, Rajon Rondo puts up the first 20-20-20. In the ultimate irony, Dan Gilbert does Lebron a favor by sending Anderson Varajo to the Heat at the deadline

Second Season:
Miami defeats Atlanta   4-0
Chicago defeats Brooklyn  4-3
Boston defeats New York  4-2
Indiana defeats Philadelphia  4-2

Miami defeats Chicago  4-1
Indiana defeats Boston  4-2

Miami defeats Indiana   4-3

"Front Back Side to Side...Everybody West Up"

1. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Oklahoma City
3. Los Angeles Clippers
4. San Antonio
5. Denver Nuggets
6. Memphis Grizzlies
7. New Orleans 
8. Utah

All Stars:  Starters-Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard
Reserves:  Rudy Gay, Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Ty Lawson, LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMarcus Cousins

Get your monster.com account ready: Vinny Del Negro. Yes the Clippers will finish 3rd in the West but this is about keeping CP3 in L.A and no one can tell me CP3 approves of him as his coach. Nope, not buying it

Don't be shocked when:  Dallas doesn't make the playoffs. Of course, Cuban is the smartest guy in the room but even he knows the failure to get D-Will was a blow to his plan. The Mavericks have a lot of " hey he is pretty good guys" but with Dirk losing the battle with father time and O.J the Juiceman as your #2, you got issues.

Can't Wait for:  Dwight Howard's return to Orlando is blah,  Orlando will be bad and this game may not even make National TV so how about Oklahoma City at Los Angeles on Dec 7th. Its early but OKC despite having beaten Lakers in playoffs have to establish early who the top dog in the west and being still so young and the Howard addition, this will be as intriguing a game as you can get.

What else happens?  The Spurs will have no All-Stars which is just fine by them. Sacramento will be the most interesting 30 win team in the league (Combustible young talent, a future in doubt in their home city). Russell Westbrook will score 50 more times than Kevin Durant. Enjoy the Spurs, this is the last go round

Second Season
Los Angeles Lakers defeat Utah  4-0
Denver defeats San Antonio   4-2
Oklahoma City defeats New Orleans  4-1
Los Angeles Clippers defeats Memphis  4-3

Los Angeles Lakers defeats Denver  4-2
Oklahoma City defeats Los Angeles Clippers  4-1

Los Angeles defeats Oklahoma city  4-3

"Don't Front, You know I got cha opin"

NBA FINALS:  Miami vs Los Angeles
You can say you don't want to see it but in reality, You do...You hate the "superteams" but  You will watch.Its everything you want. Bright Lights, Big Cities, Enough storylines to keep your head spinning and two very loaded teams going at it. Think of this as the makeup for 1997 and 1998 when Stockton and Malone ruined two potential Dream Matchups with MJ's Last Stand Bulls  (1997-Rockets with Dream, Chuck, and Glide,  1998- Lakers with Prime Shaq, Young Kobe, Nick, Horry, Eddie J).  Strip away the overkill of coverage and see it for it is, Two of the best of all time going at it. Lebron trying to keep the crown, while Kobe on his last legs ( remember MJ in 1997,1998?)  This is THE series. This 2012-2013 was as compelling a drama as you can find on any primetime show and the season finale brings the house down with Lebron holding off Kobe one time in a seven game thriller, keeping with tradition that putting together the su  but know worries Laker Fans, Kobe gets revenge in 2013-2014 when he has his "MJ over Bryon Russell moment"...Don't worry, I didn't ruin it for you, because you will watch.

"And The Winner is..."

MVP: Kevin Durant

Rookie of the Year: Anthony Davis

Coach of the Year: Avery Johnson

Most Improved Player:  Derrick Williams

Defensive Player of the Year: Tony Allen

1st Team All NBA
James, Paul, Durant, Griffin, Wade

2nd Team All NBA
Rondo,  Westbrook, Aldridge, Howard, Gay

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