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Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 NBA Playoffs: As They Happened

Eastern Conference- Round 1

1 Miami  vs  8 Milwaukee:   Heat win in 4 , Let's Just Skip to the Next Series

4 Brooklyn vs  5 Chicago:  Chicago in 6.  D-Will has looked like the old D-Will of late but the rebounding, defense and the grit allows the Bulls to win all their home games and get one in Brooklyn. Exit P.J , enter the other P.J?

2 New York vs  7 Boston:  New York in 7.  The best player in the series theory holds true as Melo is able to win 2 games and Boston finally runs out of gas in a series filled with after the whistle activity and a few scrapes

3 Indiana vs 6 Atlanta:  Pacers in 5.  Pacers are a great defensive team and the lack of Lou Williams finally catches Hawks in this one.

Western Conference- Round 1

1 Oklahoma City vs 8 Houston:  Thunder in 5.  Will be the best 4-1 series since the Heat-Bulls in 2011

4 Los Angeles Clippers vs 5 Memphis: Clippers in 7  As much as the Grizzlies trade of Rudy Gay has helped, I still have nagging feeling it catches them in this series that will be every bit as good as last year.

2 San Antonio vs  7 Los Angeles Lakers:  Simply put. With Kobe, I may have taken Lakers. Without Kobe, Spurs  in 5

3 Denver vs 6 Golden State:  Nuggets in 6. A throwback to days of Alex English, Kiki Vandeweghe and Run TMC. The most fun first round series ends with Denver advancing due to better depth and athleticism upfront

Eastern Conference- Semifinals

1 Miami  vs   5 Chicago:  Second verse same as the first. See  2011 ECF

2 New York vs  3 Indiana:  As great as Melo is, asking him to win two consecutive series against two great defenses is a tall task. The Pacers lockdown the Knicks 3-point shooters and win in 6

Western Conference- Semifinals

1. Oklahoma City vs 4 Los Angeles Clippers: Too much Westbrook who controls the series.  Thunder in 5. Exit Vinny, Enter Stan Van Gundy?

2 San Antonio vs 3 Denver:  Second verse same as the first .See the 2012 WCF.  A younger more athletic team gives the Spurs troubles again.  Denver in 6

Eastern Conference -Finals

1. Miami vs  3. Indiana:  Miami in 5. A Healthier Wade repeats his heroics from last year's series and Paul George struggles in his first conference finals as "The Guy".   Heat in 5

Western Confernce- Finals

1. Oklahoma City vs 3 Denver:  The best series of the entire playoffs is decided simply by who has the last home game. OKC in 7

NBA Finals
1. Miami vs  1. Oklahoma City:  Another historic season for Lebron is capped off with a ring and lack of James Harden catches up with Thunder who get one game closer.  Heat in  6

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